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Our technology

The Zincpot hot dip galvanization factory uses the most advanced technology available in the hot dip galvanization industry. This technology has been developed and installed by Austrian (Körner KVK, Scheuch), German (Scheffer, Pilling), Norwegian (C.H. Evensen) and Swedish (Progatec) companies.

This technology is characterized by: high environmental efficiency, best working conditions for the personnel, efficient use of energy and consumables, minimum maintenance costs, faster material handling and shorter delivery time.

Technology includes industry’s highest automation level regarding the control and management of different parameters of material handling and production process. Safe unloading and loading of materials for transport is performed indoors in the factory with special telescopic overhead cranes that also measure weight of the products. Fixing parts into fixtures is performed in ergonomic fixing terminals which makes it much easier for the workers. For processing parts in automatic mode the system includes a selection of handling programs with preset parameters that allow selecting the most suitable program for the specific product to be galvanized.

The department of chemical pre-handling of the parts, where steel structures are cleaned from oil and corrosion, is separated from the rest of the environment and this secluded room is kept under constant negative pressure unlike the rest of the factory’s environment. The exhaust air is purified of vaporized chemical particles with clean water and the cleaning water is redirected into the process into a specific bath.

Technology is not connected to the sewage system and no technological waste-water is produced in the factory.

After chemical pre-handling and before galvanization the parts are dried and heated in an electrical drying tunnel up to 60-70 degrees. Galvanization process is performed manually by operators, which ensures best surface quality.

For preserving the best surface quality in our harsh weather conditions we also offer Zincplus passivation after galvanization, which provides the zinc coated surface corrosion protection and parts maintain their original glossy ice flower pattern appearance for many years. Passivation also ensures best prerequisites for painting the galvanized parts since it protects the zinc coating against oxidization and therefore eliminates the need for cleaning the parts before painting. We market this service under registered trademark Zincplus.

Zincpot’s galvanizing pot dimensions are 7 x 1.5 x 2.8 m (L x W x D) and maximum weight of the workpiece is 5.3 tons.


In October of 2009 we launched a technology, which is based on automatic centrifugal method, complies with EN ISO 10684 and allows hot dip galvanizing of small parts (longest side up to 600 mm). This technology also allows high quality hot dip galvanizing of threaded parts without the need for cleaning the threads afterwards.