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Zincplus As an innovation to the hot dip galvanization market of the Baltic States we offer a new galvanized parts passivation service called Zincplus. This includes a special acrylic solution that is used for treating the parts immediately after leaving the zinc bath. As a result of this process the galvanized part is coated with a thin extra layer that protects the zinc coating against oxidization (forming of so called “white rust”) and parts maintain their good appearance for many years.

So far the problem was painting the hot dip galvanized parts, since it requires labour intensive mechanical cleaning and roughening of the parts.


Tests performed by the Finnish paint manufacturer Tikkurila Oy in July and October of 2009 in saline mist test (ISO 12944-6) according to the climate categories C3(H), C4(M) (ISO 12944-6) confirmed the success of Zincplus compared to the alternative method, which is sandblasting.


Thanks to Zincplus passivation painting of hot dip galvanized products is now easier, more efficient and more environment-friendly.