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Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

  • We are open from Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Acceptance and handover of products outside business hours upon special agreement. NB! In order to unload goods from trucks goods have to placed on beams or pallets that allow lifting with a forklift and maximum weight per package should be 2 tons.
  • Loading/unloading operations are usually performed indoors.
  • We will package the products as we received them, unless otherwise requested.
  • Maximum dimensions of the products are 6,80 x 1,30 x 2,50 m. Maximum weight per part is 5.3 tons. The pipe or beam may be 7m long.
  • Any markings on the products made with paint or a marker must be removed (including factory labelling). If we find any markings we will contact the customer for further information.
  • All the desired services and technical requirements must be agreed upon the handover of products for treatment at the latest (delivery note / order letter, if possible), including the following information:
    • custom zinc coating thickness (we recommend consulting with production manager)
    • ZincPlus passivation
    • assembling
    • labelling
    • custom packing


Price of services must be agreed upon before galvanizing. The price of the service(s) is calculated on kg bases.

A minimum fee of 50€+vat exists on all services (vat in accordance of import/export laws).