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Hot dip galvanizing

This is a process where steel parts are provided a zinc coating for corrosion protection. The zinc coating is relatively thin 70–100 µm, but it is the optimum method for protecting steel against corrosion. Galvanized parts do not require maintenance in a normal environment for about 50 years. This zinc coating also has the ability to “self-heal”, i.e. zinc is able to maintain corrosion protection for up to 5 mm damages and scratches via electrochemical process.


Process in the Zincpot


Life cycle


Relative cost


Hot dip galvanized vs painted


Alloy layers


Zinc coating thickness


Zinc coating thickness

Standardi ISO 1461 nõutav tsingikihi paksus kastmismeetodil


Zinc coating thickness with centrifugal method required by standard ISO 1461.


Hot dip galvanizing of small parts

In November 2009 we opened a new production line in our factory for hot dip galvanizing smaller parts. The line was manufactured and installed by the Swedish company Pro-gatec AB that has also delivered similar production lines to BMW and Renault. This line is necessary for high quality hot dip galvanizing of small sized as well as threaded parts. New production line operates using centrifugal method and galvanizing is performed at ~100° higher temperature compared to regular galvanizing. This enables high quality hot dip galvanizing of small parts and particularly threaded parts in compliance with the ISO 10684 standard.



Zincplus As an innovation to the hot dip galvanization market of the Baltic States we offer a new galvanized parts passivation service called Zincplus. This includes a special acrylic solution that is used for treating the parts immediately after leaving the zinc bath. As a result of this process the galvanized part is coated with a thin extra layer that protects the zinc coating against oxidization (forming of so called “white rust”) and parts maintain their good appearance for many years.

So far the problem was painting the hot dip galvanized parts, since it requires labour intensive mechanical cleaning and roughening of the parts.


Tests performed by the Finnish paint manufacturer Tikkurila Oy in July and October of 2009 in saline mist test (ISO 12944-6) according to the climate categories C3(H), C4(M) (ISO 12944-6) confirmed the success of Zincplus compared to the alternative method, which is sandblasting.


Thanks to Zincplus passivation painting of hot dip galvanized products is now easier, more efficient and more environment-friendly.

Terms of delivery

  • We are open from Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Acceptance and handover of products outside business hours upon special agreement. NB! In order to unload goods from trucks goods have to placed on beams or pallets that allow lifting with a forklift and maximum weight per package should be 2 tons.
  • Loading/unloading operations are usually performed indoors.
  • We will package the products as we received them, unless otherwise requested.
  • Maximum dimensions of the products are 6,80 x 1,30 x 2,50 m. Maximum weight per part is 5.3 tons.
  • Any markings on the products made with paint or a marker must be removed (including factory labelling). If we find any markings we will contact the customer for further information.
  • All the desired services and technical requirements must be agreed upon the handover of products for treatment at the latest (delivery note / order letter, if possible), including the following information:
    • custom zinc coating thickness (we recommend consulting with production manager)
    • ZincPlus passivation
    • assembling
    • labelling
    • custom packing